Which Software Tests Should Be Automated

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Software developers are often confronted with one nagging question when testing a software program: which tests should be automated, and which should be done manually? In certain situations, there are clear advantages to working with automated software solutions.


However, there are also certain cases when the method could end up costing you more. That’s why it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of manual vs. automation with each project. In general, you should consider automated testing when the test…


…is done better by machines. These include tests that involves precision, intricate math, millions of comparisons, and other similar complexities.


…is repetitive. You need to ask yourself: would a machine take less time to do it than the duration that a human would need? If your answer is yes, then it may be more feasible to automate.


…involves something that is at risk of failing. If something frequently goes wrong every time you change something, that’s a good sign that automated testing is in order.


…compels your project team to request for automation. Discuss with your project team which tests they prefer to automate, then weigh your targets with their request.


…can be automated below the application programming interface (API) layer. Automating particular tests at the API layer is significantly less expensive than at the user interface (UI) layer.


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