Tips for Maximizing Automated Software Testing

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While automated software testing tools offer advantages like speed, accuracy, and wide coverage, the software testing team is still responsible for making sure all objectives are met. After all, despite its name, an automated software testing tool needs inputs from users, who are either the software developers themselves or an outside QA party. Here, then, are tips to maximize automated software tests:

Have a well-thought-out design test.

Home builders can’t simply build a home without a blue print. In the same way, QA professionals can’t jump right into automation without a design. If the QA team hopes to find all the possible defects in the software, they should devote sufficient time and effort to design a test with as wide a coverage as possible.

Form the right testing team.

IT professionals each have their own strengths. It is, therefore, the duty of the manager to assess his or her team members to ensure that each task goes to the right person. For instance, not everyone knows how to write automated test scripts, so this task should be assigned to those who do.

Aim for consistency.

Don’t assume that a software testing tool gives 100 percent accurate results right away. You also have to test the testing tool, so to speak. Do a test run, save the results, then repeat. If the two runs result in two contrasting reports, there may be a consistency issue. Review the test design and make the necessary adjustments.


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