3 Nifty Tips for More Effective Software Testing

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Software testing is an exceedingly expansive software development niche replete with endless possibilities. Unfortunately, testing personnel often have limited time and resources to conduct their tests. So how can you maximize your efforts despite the limiting factors that surround your job? Take a look at the following few tips to help you perform your testing duties more effectively:

Analyze results thoroughly

Learn to analyze each and every detail of your test result. Don’t take results at face value. Making sure you discover the root cause of a ‘fail’ test will eventually lead you to the solution, which will make you all the more valuable. Industry movers love Testers who not only log the bugs, but provide solutions as well.

Have a well-detailed test plan

Your test plan must be created by a person with plenty of experience in the field, like a QA lead or a manager. A good test plan must cover Scope of Testing, Budget Limitations, Test Objectives, Test Execution Schedule, Deadlines, and Risk Identification, among other things.

Test early, test often

Defects identified later in the software development process are more difficult and expensive to fix than those identified at the early stages. Make sure to start testing early on, and test often to avoid massive issues in the succeeding stages.


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