Manual and Automated Software Testing

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Before using software in actual operation, it has to be properly tested. Once integrated into the operating system, some of the damage created by any unchecked glitch in the software may no longer be reversed. Software testing is crucial not only in improving production efficiency, but also in providing a sustainable and long-term system operation for businesses.

Software testing can be categorized as manual or automated. Manual software testing involves human judgment of the software’s performance by comparing against a set of standards. In other words, the process will not be successful without human intervention, which is often limited to identifying unnecessary behavior or bugs and performing the necessary action to fix them.

In automated software testing, however, all the tasks required from a human tester in manual software testing are converted into script to form another software. The entire test is now performed by another software. The testing software is equipped with all the instructions needed to ensure the quality of the software it’s testing.

Automated software testing is obviously more efficient as it no longer requires human intervention, which is often prone to mistakes. A well-designed testing software can ensure that any software to be used in actual operation will not cause any trouble in the long run. In some cases, the feedback for the testing software in an automated software testing may include suggestions for improvement.


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