Essential Elements of Software Testing

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Software testing is an important aspect of developing and implementing programs, particularly when it comes to assessing their functionality before they can be launched. To conduct a successful test, there are quite a few essential components that testing facilities should never dispense with.

Test Strategy

Having an efficient test strategy on hand before any testing can begin means that you can identify exactly which measures will best weed out the kinks or defects in a piece of software. It also helps you outline how best to do it.

Test Plan

The testing plan on the other hand details everything that you aim to accomplish according to your strategy. With it you can figure out who does what, when they will start and finish their responsibilities, and how much effort it will take.

Test Cases

Your test cases are typically made up of detailed examples that serve as a guide to determine if the software actually performs on par with what is expected. These will depend on prioritized requirements and acceptance criteria.

Test Data

Test data, on the other hand, consists of both your database results and the input test data. Specifically, this could include sets of names, product orders, addresses, or any other figure or function that the system is meant to use.


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